In 2017, I was a video artist at the Digital Writers Festival.

I participated in a collaborative multimedia project, VIDEO HITS.

I paired up with another artist to respond to, and create new stories from, each other’s work.

Video editing: Nathania Gilson / Audio: ChloĂ« Callistemon

Writing the text and putting together the audio over the archival footage, I was thinking about what it means to communicate or tell stories as a human, particularly over long distances – how misunderstanding is guaranteed but something is always transferred or echoed across.

* * *

In 2017, I also worked as an assistant editor on a few episodes of The Conversation’s Speaking with... podcast:

John Gerrard on preventing infectious diseases

Bates Gill on Australia’s changing relationship with China

David Field about unusual crimes that have changed the law

This involved picture research, dialogue editing, sourcing news clips, archival audio and music, as well as writing SEO copy for the website.