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I’ve worked both in Australia and internationally, on products, services and platforms used by millions worldwide.

Some highlights:

🚀 Played a key role in testing and launching product capabilities used by 99% of the Fortune 100
✏️ Set new industry precedents by co-designing with writers from historically underrepresented communities
💫 Contributed to award-winning digital platforms
🕹️ Shaped engaging narratives from research, evidence, and the voice of customer to drive the adoption of globally recognised technology

I'm interested in:

✨️ Knowledge management for large organisations
✨️ Building products and services that motivate people toward self-expression, self-identity, and social connection
✨️ Developing tools, frameworks, and narratives to connect the dots between customer and employee experience
✨️ Supporting and shaping research with real-world potential and scalability

If you'd like to hire me, ask about what I'm working on next, or just want to say hello, feel free to e-mail me.

 PHOTO: I Mean Other Art by James Needham